Sūradhalti, of the Profane Crusade

Titanic Asura Guru


Sūradhalti is a massive, humanoid figure that stands 19 feet tall. From the sockets of his blackened skulls, purple eyes burn like pinpricks of power. His garb is both simple and regal, blood red cloth draped over and in between ochre armor. The smell of chalk follows in his wake.


Sūradhalti, a Wise One of the Profane Crusade, is a powerful Asura guru that resides within the Ash Maelstrom. He was called to witness the battle between the party and the Disciple Tilotamma of the Beatific Blasphemy, and spared them before she could deliver the final blow. He took a meaningful thing from each party member as their toll for passing through the Ashes; a ring from Koroda, Isidore’s Holy symbol, and Ephram’s connection to animals.

Sūradhalti, of the Profane Crusade

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