The Ashen Legacy

Session 18/01/2014

  • Party attempts to slay Apostate before he can get away
  • Apostate manages to get away, Koroda hurls curses after him
  • Sylis stays up all night working on his gun
  • The next morning, Ephram talks to Midna about her fits of rage and cannibalistic urges. Midna brushes him off insisting that she is fine, but tells him that she has been suffering disturbing nightmares that she cannot remember.
    *Sylis apologizes to the party for having tricked them into eating bugbear meat. Svaben is creeped out, Midna is unconvinced, Ephram is accepting, Isidore doesn’t care and Koroda tells Sylis to slap himself.
  • While cleaning up the main hall, Isidore hears moaning coming out from under the floorboards
  • Svaben opens up passage to root cellar, inside are four survivors sitting in a pool of blood with a pair of monsters (which Ephram identifies as Lunarma) floating over them
  • Party closes door and strategizes before throwing strategy out the window and jumping right into the fray.
  • Lunarma are slain. Survivors thank the party for having been rescued before revealing that Lunarma laid eggs in them
  • Midna confides in Ephram that she does in fact remember the nightmares, in which she gleefully commits slaughter and cannibalism. She is scared that she is growing to like them, and admits that she might need help.
  • Ephram magically removes the eggs from three of the survivors. Isidore attempts drunken surgery on the last one (Erik) only to fail and have Midna do the job for him.
  • The Village idiot takes Koroda to the body of a Golem that was buried at the edge of a field. Using Koroda as a shovel, he digs in the wrong place two times before actually finding the Golem. Koroda assumes control of the Golem.
  • Party is thanked again for their efforts and are given some description of the Abattoir by Erik before heading off on the road again.



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