The Ashen Legacy

Friend lost, Acquaintance made

Despite the party’s best efforts, the Yrthak kills Muldun and thankfully decides not to murder them as well. Party mourns his loss.
The Party arrives at Crafas Rest to find it devastated by the Abattoir’s raid and covered in ice and snow. At the entrance, they are greeted by a heavily scarred dwarf. The Dwarf tries to dissuade them from entering, which Isidore deduces is a tactic to determine whether or not the Party is truly dedicated to joining the Comrades. After explaining their goal and arguing with him, he finally lets up and allow them to enter the massive campsite that is Crafas Rest.

They find the Scion by the central lodge executing a member of the Abattoir. She introduces herself to them as Neska, and after making cracks about their appearances asks if they are interested in joining the comrades. The Party launches into a exposition about the Zhernobog attack on Neran and the Wardens’ denizen army, imploring for her aid in there matter. Neska is at first unconvinced, but after an impassioned speech by Isidore about the glory she could gain from fighting an entire army of Denizens, she relents on one condition: that the party comes with her to help free her friends who’ve been captured by the Abattoir. If they do so, she will come with them willingly.

The party goes around the campsite using their various skills to help to clean up the mess left in the wake of the Abattoir. Koroda makes several discoveries while going through his pack, while Ephram finds that one of the scroll he received from Balzeniir is one of resurrection. He informs Isidore and Koroda of this and asks for their permission to use it should they fall victim to the trials ahead. This leads to a tiff between Koroda and Ephram over the impact of death.

The party attends a campfire feast and meets with Neska’s shield maiden, an orc named Voldahke-Res. She informs them that they’ve scryed the Abattoir to a location in the Ashes, and that they will be leaving in the morning.

That night, Ephram asks for the Saoshyant’s aid in calling forth and new animal companion, a matter that Isidore helps him with.

The next morning, the Party joins Neska and her band of Comrades as they take a short cut, teleporting close to the edge of the Ashes.



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