It has been over seven hundred years since the Gods abandoned the world to the monstrous Denizens, and thirty five since the End of Eternity came to a close. New nations have emerged in the wake of this terrible civil war, and with them new adventurers seeking to make their own way in the world. Some look inwards to the Western Gate, while others seek their fortunes in the Outlands, where the Denizens doth dwell, or across the Emerald sea amidst the holy dynasties of Alema, the great continent that lies to the south.

It is a time of renewal and recovery for the people of Cieol. But like all things, it must come to an end. Ominous forces brew on the horizon, bringing with them visions of past tragedies and possible futures.

And amidst all of this a group of adventurers united by circumstance find themselves embroiled in events that threaten the hesitant peace and herald the coming of the Ashes.

The Ashen Legacy was a homebrew Pathfinder campaign played over Roll20. The game has been discontinued, but lives on in memory and on this site.

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The Ashen Legacy

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