The Ashen Legacy

Elysius Part 2
The Masquerade Ball

Ephram goes into town and finds the local oddities market Where he purchases an intricate mask that the shopkeeper claims to have been made out of wyrwood, an exceedingly rare and sacred druidic tree. Upon returning to the estate, he reunites with Isidore and Koroda. The three of them share their discoveries, Ephram confirms that the mask is composed of Wyrwood, and Isidore and Koroda note the distinct similarity between it and Duvalle’s mask. Ephram heads off to learn more about where the merchant found it.

Isidore goes around asking about tapestries, and is directed to Marquis Jeralt Dallon who is training with several others in the Proving Grounds. The Marquis says that he can show Isidore a fine selection of tapestries, provided that he comes to speak with the marquis later. While leaving the grounds, Isidore soaks a cat folk noble that looked at him funny. Meanwhile, Koroda bonds some more with Yvette, informing her of what he’s found out so far as well as lending a hand with the laundry so that she may have a break.

Meanwhile, Ephram returns to the stand to find that the merchant has gone off with several others to discuss wares. Tracking them down to a nearby warehouse, he changes into a rat and sneaks inside. There, he finds the dying body of merchant. He attempts to save the man’s life, only to be ambushed by a pair of small, masked figures similar to Duvalle. After a brief struggle, they manage to apprehend him, offering to spare his life if he returns the mask before the bell tolls, and on the condition that he speaks to no one along the way.

Ephram runs back to Elysius, where he finds Kadri snooping around his things and toying with the mask. A brief exchange is shared between the two before he leaves. He runs into Koroda on the way out, informs him of what has happened, and the two race to get back in town, arriving just as the bell tolls. They are ambushed again by the assassins, who are less than amused by Ephram’s failure to abide by their terms. He is swiftly cut down cut him down. They leave Koroda alone, warning him not to meddle in affairs that do not concern him as they recover the mask and vanish. Koroda carries Ephram back to estate, where he is healed by Listraya. It is at this point that they discover that in this timeline, Listraya is a paladin rather than a cleric, and takes a much harsher stance on heresy and blasphemy. Upon returning to his chamber, Ephram discovers that Kadri has stolen the dark wood staff.

The evening comes, and the party heads off the ball. Upon arrival, Sébannoçal offers them each a drink which he not so subtly hints is laced with a powerful hallucinogenic. After some convincing, Koroda and Isidore both agree to partake while Ephram abstains. Isidore is unaffected by the drug while Koroda succumbs to it. Ephram follows suit later on when he discovers that all of the food is laced with this same drug. The two addled adventurers enjoy the party, while Isidore has a conversation with Kelwirt who is also unaffected.

Later that night, a magic enhanced fireworks display is put on for the guests. As the show reaches its conclusion, one of the fireworks goes off in the forest, setting it ablaze. The party is provided the antidote to the drug as well as their gear and are summoned by Sébannoçal to investigate it. Ephram identifies that it was purposefully set. Kadri arrives shortly afterwards to confirm this, revealing that Taemoren was the one behind the fire and that he’s used it as a distraction to bring Errol to the cave where the elf druid was meeting with the Warden conspiracy members. They inform Sébannoçal of this, and then head off into the forest. Branz de Pannigi also joins them in this endeavor.

They arrive at the cave to find Taemoren and the masked assassins waiting for them. Words are exchanged, during which Taemoren reveals that he seeks to join the wardens out of his disgusted at his races moral decline and would do anything to see it restored to its former glory. The leader of the assassins, some sort of masked mage, order Taemoren to kill the party as his initiation. An epic battle is had as the group faces off against the powerful druid, and in the end they manage to claim victory at minimal cost to themselves. The assassins are disappointed and take their leave while refusing to answer any questions the group may have. Isidore attempts to soak them, only for the mage leading them to counter spell it.

The group leaves the forest where their host waiting for them. He places the blame on Kadri for not informing him of Taemoren’s misdeeds, and tells the party to keep this knowledge to themselves. Ephram discovers that one of Kadri’s wounds is infected, and convinces her to come back to the manor to be treated.

Upon returning to the manor, the party discovers the Cimmerian Quartet hiding out in the house. The leader introduces himself as Gwynn, claiming that they share a common enemy: the wardens. He refuses to divulge more, untrusting of the security of the house, and gives the group instructions on where they will meet the next evening.

Ephram treats Kadri’s wound the best he can, and asks that in return she gives him back his staff. Kadri feigns innocence, but Ephram isn’t convinced by her act. Regardless, she doesn’t make any promises and heads back to her shack in the woods.

Elysius Part 1 - Reunions and Revelations, Friends and Feuds

As Branz does what he loves, the Party is quickly brought out of the dining hall by Icendraste. She thanks them for completing their task, but is annoyed at the manner by which the returned to the Gate. She reveals that they are not at her estate, but at that of her protege Sébannoçal, and tells them to stay put until she calls for them at the Peace Conference. Neska grumbles as she leaves with Icendraste, while the party is escorted to the house that they will be staying at.

There, they meet back up with Listraya, who is less than thrilled at their return. She is more hardened in this timeline, and admonishes them for tricking her into killing an innocent, abandoning her while she was put on trial for their crimes, and placed under what essentially amounted to House arrest in the Elysius Estate. Koroda tries to persuade her that all of this has been beyond their control, and that if there was anyone to blame it was the Ashen Lord, but utterly fails to convince her. Listraya calls him out on his actions, leaving both of them infuriated.

In his rage, Koroda accidentally slams the front door on the face of the Dorlechen Senator, Vasil de Ramirez, that the party is sharing the house with. A feud is borne in that moment, and cemented when Koroda meets Vasil’s maltreated slave, a gorgeous Dhampir woman named Yvette.

As this unfolds, Ephram and Isidore meet with one of their neighbors, an aged knight by the name of Sir Kelwirt. Ephram recognizes him as the last knight in service to House Oalken, a once powerful and venerable family who had a particularly nasty fall from grace due to the eldritch machinations of the previous Oalken lord. Kelwirt is protecting the last remaining heirs of the house, a pair of twins who have been trying to undo the harm done to their family name.

Isidore ingrains himself with the domestic staff while Ephram and Koroda take stock of their loot from the office of the Devil’s Eye. Ephram spends the afternoon identifying the various artifacts, including a very ominous staff. Koroda attempts to read the locked journal of the Devil’s Eye and discovers that it opens to his blood. Upon reading it, he has the horrible revelation that the Devil’s Eye was his father and that he has Tiefling blood in his family lineage.

That evening, the Party attends a small party being thrown by their host. They are formally introduced to Sébannoçal, a particularly forward elf. He reveals that he and Icendraste’s men have taken it upon themselves to do some digging into the Party’s family history. The remains of Koroda’s mother were identified and enroute to the estate so that he could give his final regards, Isidore’s parents were found, having married and set up a small tradehouse in the town not far from the estate, while Ephram’s dying father was discovered during the Linnorm Incursion and was brought to the Estate. Koroda asks for his mother’s remains to be sent back to Gweven.

Ephrams learns of the feud between the Oalken Family and the Beaumonts, Isidore shares stories of his adventures, while Koroda broods and makes a vow to free Yvette from her bondage.

The party is interrupted by the arrival as a guard is tossed out a window. The party is granted arms, and arrive on scene just in time to see a mysterious armored figure with blue smoke emanating from his body drain the life from another guard. After a brief standoff, smoke fills the hall and another figure disarms everyone gathered there, kidnaps one of the nobles, before vanishing into the night.

As everyone takes note of what occurred, Ephram searches the heavily injured guard to find a note marked with the same symbol that the Wardens at Braikten had on them. Sébannoçal identifies the intrudes as half of the Cimmerian Quartet, an infamous group of adventurers who most recently killed the well-liked Marquis of Tiderone. Ephram shares the information he found with Sébannoçal, who then takes it upon himself to investigate the matter. Sébannoçal then goes on to state that

That evening, the Party goes their separate ways. Most go to bed, while Koroda is dragged along by Branz and Branz’s friend Reynauld to the Brothel. Koroda manages to slip away, and makes his way to the library where he spends the night studying slave enchantments and magical bonds. There, he meets with Edur Vøn Oalken, who shares some of his own knowledge on arcane bindings.

The next morning, Ephram goes off to meet his father and Isidore his Parents. They are also informed of a masquerade happening that evening, to which attendance is mandatory. Isidore makes his way into town and finds his Parent’s shop, the Lefran Trade House. There, he meets with his parents and his two younger brothers. He doesn’t reveal his identity to his estangled family, and instead opts to leave behind a letter wishing them a happy life and encouraging them to raise his brothers better than he was raised. He hides the letter in the shop, and leaves.

Ephram goes searching for his father on the Estate’s forest ground, having strange encounters with a mischievous druid along the way. He eventually meets with an Elven druid named Taemoren, who is standing guard over his master’s dying body. He reveals that the affliction is a Linnorm Death Curse, for which there is no cure. Taemoren identifies the mischievous druid as Kadri, a groundskeeper on the estate, and goes out looking for her. Ephram meets his father only to discover that the dying druid is not that, but Errol, a close friend of both of Ephram’s parents. He reveals that they all went their separate ways after a harrowing incident in a village. They exchange stories about their lives and Ephram’s parents, from which Ephram learns the name of his father, Salvestro, and provides Errol with some comfort. Upon exiting Errol’s resting place, he meets with Taemoren, who asks for his aid in tracking down Kadri.

Ephram manages to catch Kadri, who formally introduces herself. She reveals that she is an indentured servant of Sébannoçal, having been forced into her position after being caught trying to steal from his Mentor’s estate. Her emotionally detached master vanished two years ago, and she has been on the road ever stealing what she can to make ends meet. She further reveals that Taemoren has been meeting with hooded individuals in a cave at the edge of the estate, as well as communicating with a shadowed figure with blue eyes through a strange device. Ephram thanks her for this information, and offers to help her decipher one of her master’s books. Ephram and Isidore then meet, and go to local tailor to be fitted with suits. Isidore recommends his parent’s shop for masks.

Koroda wakes up around midday, and goes for a walk around the estate. As he walks through the gardens, he meets with Selina de Beaumont, the heiress of a moderately powerful Wreylish Kingdom. She reveals to him that the Marquis the Cimmerian Quartet murdered was actually a dangerous cult leader who experimented on his own people, and the kidnapped dwarven noble was a close friend of his.



The Next morning, group continues into the valley, are followed by a type of Outlander vulture called Stuthac. Vultures scatter as a True Denizen, the Vetrovnjak, flies overhead. The Abattoir’s base turns out to be a massive metal structure half buried in the ground. A mute hobgoblin comrade temporarily joins the party to help them. A plan is made to assault the dungeon as the Vetrovnjak attacks. The party manages to make their way inside of the derelict without falling pretty to the Denizen.

The interior of the derelict is dark and metal. Koroda uses the key given to him by the Saoshyant on a panel. Non magical Lights come on as small metal constructs begin to rummage around, clearing debris and repairing damaged equipment.

The Party takes a ride up in a non-magical elevator to the forth floor of the structure. There, they encounter four armed, faceless humanoid constructs, who open with questions before declaring the party to be intruders. Isidore makes use of a comprehend languages spell to understand their strange, lyrical speech. The party cuts their way through a swarm of constructs, and manage to escape the corridor as more combat capable drones arrive on the scene.

The party then finds themselves in a cavernous, ice-sheeted room where they meet a gangly, detached changeling woman, the Abattoir’s cryomancer. Isidore and Ephram investigate the nearby metal pods and spot the blurred face of some creature behind the glass. They manage to diplomacize their way past her just more constructs enter the space. The Cryomancer has a nervous breakdown and the drones smash through her golems, as she quickly leaves the scene in search of the Devil’s eye.

The Party leaves the room and are chased down several corridors by the metal constructs before finding themselves cornered in a small room with heavily armed constructs guarding the only usable exit. Koroda is forced to leave Shakespeare behind as they escape through the air vents under a hail of fire.

As the party crawls through the vents, Isidore overhears a disembodied voice announcing lockdown procedures and the release of neurotoxins. Acting fast, they escape the air vents and into a sealed off portion of the corridor, where one of the strange golems is working on a door. Most of them manage to sneak their way in before it discovers their presence. With a combination of quick thinking, electrified doors and water-summoning cantrips, they manage to defeat the metal construct and use its hand to open the door.

On the other side they find the living quarters of the eponymous Devil’s Eye. Among the various books and trophies they find his manifesto and his journal. Within the latter they discover that he has been contracted by the Wardens to capture Neska is exchange for gold and the promise of a rampage in the Western Gate. They also find a communication device remarkably similar to the one given to them by Icendraste, save that it is activated by blood. A light comes on, and they activate the device using a vial of blood that they found on the desk. The device activates to reveal a shadowed figure with intense steel blue eyes.

The figure instantly recognizes the party as having interfered in several of his plots, and demands to know why. A brief conversation is had, in which the unnamed figure attempt to bribe, then command the party to remain in the Western Gate. The Party attempts to gain answers from the figure, but he refuses, admonishing their service to the Celonnien Cartel and proclaiming them to be nothing more than the tools of Dragons. He ends his dialogue with them by destroying the communication device, at which point the panels covering one of the walls slide back to reveal the ending of a three way battle between the Comrades, the Abattoir, and the strange mechanical constructs.

Neska falls victim to the same mind control parasite used to subdue Fazien, and is dragged off by the Devil’s eye and the remains of the Abattoir.
The glass separating them is broken courtesy of Venn’s crystal shards, and the party descends into the remains of the melee. Voldahke and a few of the Comrades remain alive, but are too weakened and injured to continue. Isidore executes the Abbatoir’s Trox, and the party gives pursuit.

They chase the Devil’s Eye and his Drow Fleshwarper companion into a large empty room, where he has Neska bound to a moving glass platform that is hovering towards the edge of the structure. The battle that ensues is a difficult one, with the Devil’s Eye avoiding Ephram’s lightning strikes while the rest of the party jumped from platform to platform as they hammered him down. Over the course of the fight, the Devil’s Eye taunts the party with their failings, edging them on. Ephram manages to revive a downed Koroda, but isn’t able to reach Isidore fast enough to stop the Devil’s Eye from executing the clerical monk. In a fit of rage, Koroda stabs the psychopathic Outlander through his infamous eye, killing him.

The Drow girl comes crying to the defeated warlord’s side while the party breaks Neska’s bounds. They abscond from the platform before the teleportation circle scrawled upon it activates, teleporting the flesh warper and the Devil’s Eye to their unknown destination. mechanical constructs descend upon the party, only to stand down and allow the party to pass. Neska is unable to walk, and so the Party carry her and Isidore’s bodies with them.

The party reunites with the remains of the Comrades, just as they are ambushed by the constructs one last time, this time led by a four armed creature in strange mechanical armor dragging shakespeare with him. He kills Shakespeare and raises his weapon at the party. Voldahke uses an item in Neska’s pack to open a portal to parts unknown, and the group manages to escape under a hail of energy bolts.

They find themselves in a white room where they are greeted by an inhuman outsider known as a Blanchette. It leads them into another room, where they meet Dr Dvorak, the fugitive Scion of Aceapna. He reveals that the Parasite has spread through Neska’s brain, and goes to work on removing it. After some indeterminable amount of time, he re-emerge to announce that the operation was a success, but that he needed to take apart Neska’s brain in order to free her from the parasite’s grip. She will need quite a bit of time to recover before she regain her full strength.

Ephram tries to strike up a friendly dialogue with Dvorak’s only to meet the Doctor’s cynicism head-on. The Party brings back Isidore, who reincarnates as a Ratfolk, doing wonders for his self confidence. Neska reneges on the earlier agreement as he friends were mutated abominations by the time they confronted the Abattoir, that she is in no shape to fight an army of mini denizens, and that her sword was lost in the metal structure. The party manages to convince her to come back to the Western gate, provided that they retrieve her sword for her. The retrieval is quick, and during which time they catch a better glimpse of the four armed creatures before they retreat.

After promising not to reveal Dvorak’s whereabouts, the party and the remains of the Comrades return to the Western Gate. They arrive in a dining hall filled with nobles having Breakfast, with Icendraste sitting at one of the heads of the table. Branz de Pannigi enters a moment later dragging a gagged and bound Winozek behind him.

The Asura's Toll

The Comrades sing as they approach to the Maelstrom. They are welcomed into the ashes by a pair of Ashwyrms and a storm of Ashes.

After the ashes pass over, the party finds themselves separated from the Comrades and nearby a ruined Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral, they find several Asura waiting for them. The Largest of them, named Tilotamma, Disciple of the Beatific Blasphemy, informs them that they are trespassing. She offers them a choice between paying a toll of one of their lives for passage, earning the right to passage through combat, or remaining in the Ashes with the Asura. The Party choose the second option. Tilotamma summons an Asurendra guru named Sūradhalti of the Profane Crusade to oversee the battle.

The battle against Tilotamma does not go well, as the skill of the Asura and the spell casting interference that Isidore and Ephram suffer from the Ashes proves to be too much for them to handle. Ephram’s new companion is slain by the upasunda. Nonetheless, they manage to impress Sūradhalti by surviving for so long against Tilotamma, and allows them passage through the Ashes in exchange for one thing that is close to them. Isidore gives his Holy Symbol and Koroda surrenders his ring. Ephram states that he has nothing of physical important to give, to which the Asurendra replies by taking away his ability to have animal companions and replacing it with the Destruction domain.

Sūradhalti allows the Party to ask questions of him concerning the Asura’s nature and purpose. He reveals that the Ashen Lord is dead, and has been for the last 139 years. He is to be reborn sometime within the next year.

Friend lost, Acquaintance made

Despite the party’s best efforts, the Yrthak kills Muldun and thankfully decides not to murder them as well. Party mourns his loss.
The Party arrives at Crafas Rest to find it devastated by the Abattoir’s raid and covered in ice and snow. At the entrance, they are greeted by a heavily scarred dwarf. The Dwarf tries to dissuade them from entering, which Isidore deduces is a tactic to determine whether or not the Party is truly dedicated to joining the Comrades. After explaining their goal and arguing with him, he finally lets up and allow them to enter the massive campsite that is Crafas Rest.

They find the Scion by the central lodge executing a member of the Abattoir. She introduces herself to them as Neska, and after making cracks about their appearances asks if they are interested in joining the comrades. The Party launches into a exposition about the Zhernobog attack on Neran and the Wardens’ denizen army, imploring for her aid in there matter. Neska is at first unconvinced, but after an impassioned speech by Isidore about the glory she could gain from fighting an entire army of Denizens, she relents on one condition: that the party comes with her to help free her friends who’ve been captured by the Abattoir. If they do so, she will come with them willingly.

The party goes around the campsite using their various skills to help to clean up the mess left in the wake of the Abattoir. Koroda makes several discoveries while going through his pack, while Ephram finds that one of the scroll he received from Balzeniir is one of resurrection. He informs Isidore and Koroda of this and asks for their permission to use it should they fall victim to the trials ahead. This leads to a tiff between Koroda and Ephram over the impact of death.

The party attends a campfire feast and meets with Neska’s shield maiden, an orc named Voldahke-Res. She informs them that they’ve scryed the Abattoir to a location in the Ashes, and that they will be leaving in the morning.

That night, Ephram asks for the Saoshyant’s aid in calling forth and new animal companion, a matter that Isidore helps him with.

The next morning, the Party joins Neska and her band of Comrades as they take a short cut, teleporting close to the edge of the Ashes.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so the Saoshyant help me
In which unpleasant information is learned

After boarding their newly acquired vessel, the Party appoints the first mate to captain, a position he gleefully accepts. They get going shortly thereafter, and no sooner than two hours into their voyage does a severe rainstorm begin. Ephram has a conversation with Muldun, who insists he’s been cured. Koroda tried (and fails) to do epic push ups, while Isidore meditates

As night falls Ephram checks in with the party’s employer of sorts, informing her of their departure from Braikten and their shift in timelines. Icendraste replies that she does not care for their delusions of alternate timelines, and regrets to inform Koroda that his Mother’s body was identified amongst the carcasses of the recent Linnorm incursion. Koroda does not take the news well, and goes up on deck to come to terms with what has happened and mourn.

While he is doing so, he spots a ghost rising from the ruins of a nearby village and flying towards the boat. Ephram and Isidore arrive on deck just in time to witness the ghost attacking Isidore. Isidore recognizes the ghost as a riverswell spirit, and Muldun goes off into the stormy waters to destroy the body binding the restless spirit. The ghost continues its attack, repeatedly murmuring “you killed us” as it uses its ghost powers to induce drowning in Koroda. Koroda nearly succumbs to the drowning but is saved when Muldun finds the body, distracting the spirit long enough for Ephram to revive Koroda. Muldun destroys the body and returns to the ship. Deciding that the storm is too rough to continue, the crew battens down the hatches for the night. Koroda opts to stay on deck for several hours to angst some more. He contracts a cold in the process. That night, Isidore receives a vision from the Saoshyant, instructing him on how to contact them.

Late into the next day, the party comes up upon the village closest to Crafas’ Rest to find that it has fallen victim to the Abattoir. The new captain and crew drop off the party before rapidly departing. On the docks, the Party is treated to a welcome banner made of skin, a magical pyrotechnics display and a gloating message from the Devil’s Eye himself encouraging them to enjoy the orchestra. The orchestra in question are the desecrated remains townsfolk given life by some evil arcane intent using their mangled and altered corpses as instruments. The party doesn’t wait around to listen, opting to run out of the village as quickly as possible before their sanity. In the flight it is revealed that Muldun wasn’t cured while they were in Braikten, but that he’s unwilling to accept help.

En route, the Party finds trace of the Scion’s trail once more, as well as the unpleasent revelation that the Abattoir appears to be right on the Scion’s heels.

With the coming of the night the party decides to set up camp and reach Crafas Res the following morning. Isidore informs the party of his vision, and begins setting up the ritual. Meanwhile, Koroda manages to tame a horse-wolf-frog-porcupine creature.

The party communes with the Saoshyant in her imperialist aspect , who says that she felt a dramatic change in their souls and wished to contact them about that matter. Isidore reveals as much as he can about the timeline shift, the strange beings and the doomsday prophecy to his god, with Koroda and Ephram filling in the gaps. The Saoshyant’s reaction in all of this is both cryptic and unreadable, but she thanks nonetheless them for sharing the information with her. Koroda asks the Saoshyant to confirm his mother’s death, to which the Saoshyant asks that he take a key from her and ‘unlock’ that which key fits into. She then tries to convert Ephram to her, and in doing so offering to restore Muldun to the state that he most prefered his companion in. Ephram is hestitant, instead asking for the Saoshyant to make the truth known to his pseudo-sibling-companion and let them decide for themselves in exchange for his worship.

After returning to reality, Muldun is visited by the Saoshyant. He becomes distraught at the revelation, leaving his ‘brother’ and friends as he shift into an eagle start to fly back home. The party choose to pursue him and are barely able to keep on his tail before he is attacked by a Yrthak. Ephram howls, Koroda spurs his new mount on and the session ends just as the fight is about to begin.

TPKs and Timeline shifts
  • The party continues their battle against the Warden super soldiers. Ephram summons a flaming sphere to burninate the party. Wardens respond by slaying Midna and demanding for Ephram’s surrender. When Ephram refuses to do so, the Wardens slay Koroda as well, and take Ephram down via Fireballs and Halbred to the torso
  • As the life leaves the bodies of the Party members, they find themselves transported elsewhere. Strange symbols appear in the core of their now transparent bodies as the scene around them forms. They are hovering above a massive sphere whose surface is composed of millions upon millions of individual components of varying sizes. Behind them is Cieol, contained within the robes of a massive insubstantial hooded figure.
  • Two bizarrely creatures with distorted angelic features stand to either side of the sphere, one in black and gold and the other in silver and red. 4-dimensional shapes hover in the air before them, and with each flourish of their hands the shapes, and the great sphere, shifts.
  • The party recognizes several familiar shapes amidst the components, as well as discover that the area of the sphere they are hovering over more or less corresponds to where they are currently located.
  • Four skeletal figures wreathed in different colored smoke appear. The one closest to party is blue and lacks a jaw. He offers a cryptic observation of the scene before them, before directing their attention to the world behind them. Time speeds up at Cieol orbits the sun. One the third orbit, the planet goes dark.
  • The Figure says a single word, “Unless”, before the scene around them fades into nothingness. As they are being brought back to their bodies, scenes play out in front of them and the voice of the Smoky blue skeleton rings out.

“The King in Chains. The Divine Devourer. The Ascetic Iconoclast. The Chimeric Adminsitrator. Remember them. The First shall be heralded when the paragons of faith shed their bonds, the Second will descend to drown those who would be gods in their own blood; A tide of ash and heresy shall announce the coming of the Third, and the Forth will make themselves known as smoke and metal stir.”


*With that, the party comes back to their sense in the middle of a battle against the Warden Supersoldiers, this time with several militia soldiers backing them as well as a gnome bard and a knight. The wardens are beaten back and teleport away, leaving behind one of their fallen comrades.

  • As the party gathers their sense, they notice that while the scene around them is similar, it has been noticeably changed. The castle is no longer apparent, the town’s fortifications are more reinforced, A new symbol sits besides Luçane’s on the flags, the knight is wearing one of the armors that was offered to Koroda, and Ephram’s sister Midna has been replaced by a brother named Muldun.
  • Isidore spots a figure who resembles Duvalle watching the scene from one of the rooftops, alerts the party to this but little can be done before the observer vanishes. The sounds of fighting by the wall have abated, and cheers are coming up from the defenders
  • The Gnome introduces herself as Sarisa, suggests to the party that they come with her and that she will help sort their current situation out.
  • Party arrives at the gate to find Taggart bested. Sarisa gives a victory speech, during which Koroda proceeds to bang his head on a wall as he tries, and fails to understand what has happened. Luçane’s swarm descends upon Taggart as Sarisa takes the party away to the Town’s central compound
  • At the Compound, Sarisa reveals that she has telepathic powers, and through reading Koroda’s mind has deduced what happened; They, like her, died in another timeline, and was brought to this one by forces unknown. Almost nothing is known of the figures they encountered, save for the fact that the skeletal titans are known to be the ones who bring about the end times. She knows that the world will end soon, but has been struggling to uncover more evidence about how this will come about. The party provides her with the information that they know.
  • Thulma (a female Malthus) takes the party to another room their reward for aiding Luçane and Sarisa awaits. The party rejoices in their loot.
  • An hour later Luçane arrives to escort the party to their newly-acquired ship. She thanks them for their aid, and gives them the location to which the Scion is traveling; A warrior’s lodge to the north called Crafas’ Rest.
  • Goodbyes are given, and the party prepares to sail north in pursuit of the Scion.
Overestimation, Mistakes and Supersoldiers
Session 13/02/2015 - In which the Wardens earn their CR

*Party walks around Braikten, gets a good look at the amount of tension in the air between the Human population and the Non-human and Half-breed minorities. Isidore has an encounter with racists old humans.

  • Ephram and Isidore have a talk with Darynn about the loss of his Wife and the cessation of letters from his daughter, Luçane as an individual, and Braikten’s defenses. They discover that mayoralty in the Outlands gained by Defeating/devoring the previous mayor, hence why the pasy mayors of Braikten include an Aurumvorax and a Troll. Bonding ensues.
  • Koroda gets a new set of armor and cleans out the previous user from it. Fails horribly at doing a push-up. Hilarity ensues.
  • Malthus approaches Ephram and awkwardly asks for gift ideas and for permission to court Midna. Ephram reveals the details of Midna’s conditions, leaving Malthus feeling very mixed about his attraction.
  • Party has brief meeting with Luçane about the next day’s plans. Isidore discovers that Luçane’s idea of paperwork is something very personal to her
  • Attack on Braikten begins at Dawn. Party is woken up by bells going off, magical Alarm, and Balzeenir who arrives to deliver “Make Mammal fight good” Potion. Luçane gives a terrifying speech about escalation and no surrender to her milita.
  • Taggart makes a final plea to Luçane, reveals cannons and opens fire.
  • Malthus sets up a defensive shield to protect the Castle from enemy magic. Luçane’s forces and Party go to meet the Auxarin Army at the inner town walls.
  • Fighting ensues on the walls. Isidore immolates a man and a ladder with alcohol. Ephram fails to sneak up and sabotage cannons, resorts to lightning strikes. Koroda kicks a siege ladder down. Luçane chokes a man with locusts.
  • As Taggart’s charge reaches the gate, Luçane receives an alert that a small force has snuck in through another part of the City. Koroda, Isidore and Midna heads off to cut them off, while Ephram stays behind to deal with Catapults.
  • Koroda, Isidore and Midna encounter the infiltration team, which is composed of the Elite soldier that they saw the previous morning armed with Halberds. Isidore recognizes their armor to be that of the Wardens, just ‘dressed up’ differently. One of the Wardens reveals a pair of arms similar to those Isidore once possessed as initiative is rolled.
  • While Ephram tries to take down a catapult, the party engages the Wardens. Wardens shake off Isidore’s attempt to Command them. Koroda charges one and regrets the decision later. Midna continuously trips and rips one warden, while the two others live up to the name ‘super soldier’.
  • Ephram returns to the party, descending from the sky in wolf form to provide much needed Healing. Even united, the Party struggles to keep up with the Wardens as the latter delivers a beatdown through teamwork and tripping maneuvers. All attempts to dissuade, argue and intimidate the Wardens are unsuccessful.
  • Lead warden asks for the Party’s surrender, stating that they are obviously outmatched and outclassed. Party refuses, opting to fight to the last breath.
  • Midna rips the head off of one of the Wardens, but heavily wounded. Even with the help of Balzeniir’s Fight good potion, Isidore gets taken down by one of the Wardens. Koroda falls shortly thereafter. Only Ephram and Midna are left standing.

The situation is grim. Could this be the end of the party?

Friend, Foe or Fear?
Session 07/02/2015
  • Pre-session: More of Koroda’s memories are replaced by those of being a shield and having a singular Purpose.
  • Party wakes up and continues their adventure. Along the way they stumbled upon a tiefling named Lucian walking through the site of a long forgotten fight. After some initial misconceptions, Lucian joins with the rest of the party under the auspices of killing things
  • Party follows the path of the Scion to Braikten, a large town under siege by the Auxarin army.
  • A pair of soldier ride out to meet the party. Lucian charges off to attack them but is dissuaded via crossbow bolt to the leg.
  • As Ephram asks questions about the Scion’s whereabouts and the army’s intentions, Lucian goes full murder hobo. The Tiefling kills the soldier and decapitates him. The other soldier sounds the alarm as he rides back towards the siege camp with Lucian in pursuit.
  • Lieutenant Taggart, the dwarven leader of the forces rides out with a number of men to capture Lucian and confront the party. After some shenanigans, Lucian is taken prisoner and dragged back to camp where he is put in stocks
  • Back at the camp, Taggart explains the situation to the party: Braikten was taken over seven months ago by an Arclord (Arcane Warlord) with the aid of her ‘pet’ Kobold. She has thus far refused all attempts at negotiation, going to far as to flay the messengers alive before sending them back. Situation worsened a month ago when it was discovered that she now had a necromancer in her employ. Taggart has been ordered to take the city by all means necessary, but would prefer to minimize casualties if possible. Strikes deal with the party: In exchange for assassinating the Arclord, he will give them recompense in gold, first access to the Arclord’s treasure horde, and transportation upriver, the direction in which he saw the Scion’s party traveling. He believes that the Arclord is the only person holding everyone together, and without her leadership her minions will fold.
  • Party accepts to these terms, and after going over the town’s known defenses they decide to go through the front gates.
  • After some complications, Lucian is executed by an Elite solider who was sent by the Auxarin high command to aid in battle.
  • Party goes to the front gates and are let in without too much trouble.
  • Inside they are met by Darynn, a haggard middle-aged elf, who walks them through the field of traps surrounding the city. Along the way, conversation is made.
  • Darynn reveals the Arclord’s name to be Luçane. According to him, she’s been almost single-handedly responsible for the city’s resurgence following an attack by a True Denizen two years ago. Since her arrival, she’s cracked down on the rampant speciesism towards non-humans and half-breeds and strived towards equality. The majority of the population’s response to this has been decidedly mixed.
  • Party arrives at the inner town walls, inside of which the population of Braikten is assembled and have divided themselves into humans and non-humans.
  • In the town square, they meet with Ovekier, a massive Pangolin-like creature. Ovekier greets them cryptically and leads them the rest of the way to Braikten’s castle. Along the way, Ephram and Isidore take note of the locusts in the surrounding environments. Ephram identifies them as Miasmic Locusts, a breed of locusts who’ve been altered by the Corruption to be more voracious, less environmentally sensitive and have a paralytic venom. He is deeply confused as to why they are not devouring everything on site.
  • Party ascends the steps to the throne room where they have their audience with Luçane. The Arclord in question is, as far as they can tell, a sapient swarm of locusts. She greets the party and asks why they are here. Party opts to reveal that they were originally hired to kill her, but have had a change of heart after hearing the work she’s done for the city and ask for her help and any information she might know about the Scion’s whereabouts.
  • Luçane knows where the Scion is heading and offers to reveal this information, as well as provide them with the services of her companions, on the condition that the party helps her fend off the Auxarin army.
  • After some debate with Isidore’s Neutral Evil persona, the party agrees to Luçane’s terms. They tell her about the curses affecting them and ask if she can help them in this matter. She directs them to her necromancer companion, then leaves to take care of other matters.
  • Party meets with the necromancer, a socially inept half-orc by the name of Malthus. After informing him about their conditions and examining their states first hand, Malthus readily agrees to do his best to free them from their maledictions.
  • Koroda goes first. While removing the curse, Malthus discovers that the malediction is the only thing keeping him alive as his body was on death’s door when the curse took hold. With Ephram and Isidore’s help, they save Koroda’s life as he returns to human form, sans any hair. Koroda thanks Malthus for his work. Malthus asks for the party to leave as he works on breaking the others’ curses.
  • Isidore goes next, but there are complications that cause the curse to rebound and spread to Malthus and Balzeniir, a crazed egomanical Kobold who was watching the process. Party walks in to witness Balzeniir attempting to strangle Malthus in a fit of curse-induced rage.
  • Koroda pries Balzeenir off of Malthus. Luçane arrives and calms the Kobold down with a shower of water. Malthus is tired by the attempt, and wishes to have the curse removed before it starts seriously affecting him. Luçane orders Balzeniir to take care of it, which he does through ancient Kobold magicks (ie wrapping the necessary scrolls around a dagger, shoving it into the afflicting individual and uttering arcane chants with jazz hands).
  • After curse is removed from Malthus, Balzeniir asks who’s next. When Isidore raise his hand, Balzeniir proceeds to break the curse via neck stab. Once that is taken care of, Balzeniir uses up the last of the immediately available scrolls to stab himself in the stomach, thereby freeing himself from the curse. He immediately falls off the table and to the ground afterwards.
  • Luçane sighs before leaving the scene to take care of other, more pressing matters that don’t involved her insane kobold ally. Balzeniir demands worship and admiration for his arcane prowess.
01/24-31/2015 Session Log
  • After a day of traveling, Party happens upon the aftermath of an orc bandit attack on a carriage. Violence Ensues
  • Party kills the orcs, loots their bodies, buries those of the with unfortunate peasants and move on
  • Path of Scion goes through a small valley. Party follows and is ambushed
  • Ambushers turn out to be led by Cegoline, who’s devoted her life to tracking down makers and wielders of Firearms. Debates about guns ensue
  • Cego is surprised to see Sylis, demands that he come with her back to Dorlech to face his crimes. Fauaduhn demands that Sylis kill Cego and her allies. Sylis refuses both.
  • Enraged Fauaduhn summons dretches, commands Gruonk to slay all present.
  • Party and Cego’s company of crossbowmen team up to fend off the attack. Sylis is heavily injured by Gruonk and decides to play dead, fooling everyone. Midna loses control and attacks Ephram, but he manages to pin her. Gruonk is slain in a hail of crossbow bolts.
  • Isidore nearly breaks down into tears trying to heal Sylis, but sylis continues playing dead. Cego gives heartfelt talk, wishes to attend Sylis’s funeral. Ephram uncovers truth of Sylis’s condition, goes along with it for a bit before the guilt is too much for him and reveals it to all
  • Cego is upset by the lies but believes them when they say that they are on a quest to prevent war from breaking out. Agrees to let Sylis complete his mission, provided that once he’s done that he goes to Dorlech to face punishment for his crimes, that he hand over his shotgun and swear to never make another firearm. Sylis begrudgingly agrees to this, is given a riding dog named Eren and a crossbow for his troubles.
  • Cego and Party part ways.
  • Along route, party finds evidence of several brawls that the Comrades took part in, as well as the tracks of the Abattoir (who are traveling roughly four times as fast as they are thanks to the monstrously powerful creatures drawing their caravan)
  • Party stops for the night in a grove a few hours out from Baikten. As they are settling down they are visited by a golden drake. Drake delivers a package to them containing a message from Icendraste and an orb through which they can contact her. Message reveals that while they were initially unsuccessful in postponing the peace conference, that the Zhernobog’s attack on Neran has helped push the date of the conference back by two weeks, bringing the total amount of time available to three weeks.
  • Midna and Ephram have a heart-to-heart about her fits of rage, Midna has Ephram make a promise to her that he’ll stop her by all means should she lose her mind completely.

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